Tal Dvir

Artist, art instructor.  Exhibit: Expressions  Opening reception, Friday, 3.2.218.  6pm

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While currently painting contemporary expressionism, Tal Dvir is grounded in the classic approach inspired by the old masters like Velasquez, El Greco and later by impressionists and expressionists such Pissaro, Degas, Schiele, Giacometti and other modern artists. Dvir's work is a reflection of life and its surroundings, blended in self expression and imagination using a form of he recently developed as his painting style. Influenced by impressionism, expressionism and contemporary art, as well inspired by the textures work of last century's New York modernists such Franz Kline, De Kooning, Philip Guston, Pollock and others of their time. Dvir's work is always on a look for new ideas within his painting through subjects, techniques and expressions. 


Tal Dvir writes about his art:

In my paintings, I'm striving to engage fresh thoughts and ideas. My subjects contain mainly figures but not limited to as I truly see myself as a renaissance painter who seeks for new forms of artistic language within the painting field. I see my work as a process of constant reinvention and although working with paints on canvas, at times my work could be described as sculpting and designing with paints. 

When working on different projects, I utilize the same approach in order to achieve the striking emotions which the viewers can find while observing and experiencing the painting. As my art grows mainly through realistic features in subjects, I keep searching for new forms and ideas. I can say my art lives in the fine line of expressing thoughts, emotions and everyday life by creating realism combined with surrealism and abstract, which are truly the inspiring essentials for my creation, start to end.