Joanne Stephens - Life's Mysteries & Joys

"Life's Mysteries & Joys" is on exhibit in the Onyx Salon from July 6th through July 31st.

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     Where does beauty begin? For Joanne Stephens, beauty's origins
are unmistakable.  It comes from having  an open heart, a willingness to see with
eyes closed, and the patience to listen with lips sealed as her inner voices speak softly
about the fullness of life with all its colorful shades, mysteries and joys.
though silently, she has been in constant conversation with her own
inner self for as long as she can remember,
      She grew up in Connecticut in a loving, tight-knit extended family.
Her earliest recollections include enjoying the solitude that drawing
provided and being inspired by an uncle's artistic dreams. In time, her
fascination with seeing and experiencing the larger world received a
boost when she became a Flight Attendant and ventured out to distant
dream lands and enchanting getaways. Along the way, she collected
memories that would at once enthrall, yet encourage her to hone her own
craft and skills, and to explore various art forms.  
    Eventually, she decided
on glass as her medium of choice. In it, she found parallels with her own
life; in some instances, she has been vulnerable and fragile; at other
times, her strength and durability have surfaced and healed her wounds.
Like glass, she can be translucent - if she chooses. And like glass, she is
multidimensional, a composite of life's joys and mysteries. Joanne's
visual works - much like  her journey - have been forged over time. After
many years of studying, experimenting and listening to her inner self,
now seeing with her mind's eye, she is ready to share the beauty
of her magnificent, delicate creations.  This collection reveals life, inspired by her journey.
Come and enjoy!

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