Community Partnerships

An important aspect of our mission as community members is to insure that Phoenix benefits from our participation in ways that meet it's specific needs..  At Onyx Art & Events, we are civic-minded and altruistic with the intent to become an intrinsic part of the solutions that correct what ails our neighborhoods.  We are committed to contributing to the growth and betterment of our service area through partnerships with existing agencies, and initiating drives to identify and meet needs that have not been sufficiently addressed.  We seek to partner with and include Onyx's patrons, sponsors and neighbors to leave our footprints in ways that effect positive changes now, and for our collective future.  

reginald and paul sewell foundation logo.JPG

The Reginald and Paul Sewell Foundation is focused on the mission to end stigmas associated with depression, suicidal thoughts and other forms of mental illness that unfortunately remain taboo subjects in too many communities, cultures and homes.  The organization has partnered with and supported other programs of its kind since 2016, fostering it's recent growth to operate as an independent agent.  Their efforts raise awareness, funds and cooperative projects between agencies, as well as to create conduits to care.  The foundation will continue to strengthen connections between with those in need of care to existing services. These are initiatives that will help to dispel misinformation and the negative stereotypes associated with mental illnesses. Their goals are within reach with the support of our communities and professionals.  We appreciate and salute the foundation's commitment and tireless work towards wellness and access to care.