Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Availability?

Onyx Event spaces are available year-round. Dates are reserved by confirmation of signed contract and the remittance of deposit. To arrange a tour, click here, please email us at


Rental rates are based on the amount of time and space planned for your event. Hourly, or day rates are offered, including for business meeting/conference from 9:00 am through 6:00 pm, Monday - Friday.

Outside food and refreshments?

Yes. We have a list of preferred caterers that may offer discounts for events in our venue, and we’re happy to provide you with their contact. Any arrangements made with those vendors are separate from Onyx agreements. You are welcomed to employ the services of other caterers. We will require that their proof of license and insurance are provided prior to your event. All bar use must be arranged with Onyx Events. No outside bar service is permitted.

Is decoration allowed?


Balloons, banners, candles and streamers are allowed. Rented furniture and most entertainment equipment are permitted. Specific requirements and limitations are detailed within the rental agreement. (An event designer is also available to assist guests with decor upon request and at cost.)

Are outside vendors permitted?

Yes. You can enlist the services of vendors at your discretion. All pick-ups and delivery arrangements are coordinated with our staff for access only. Onyx staff cannot sign for transactions, acceptance or release of goods/services on behalf of guests.

Ready to book?

Great! Please contact us with your name, email address, day time telephone number and the preferred date of the event. You may also include specifics about your event, i.e., kind of celebration, number of guests, etc. Venue tours are by appointment only during our regular hours of operation.

Thank you for considering us.