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Before duality, the haiku of Japan was Heku in Kemet (commonly called Egypt), but even earlier an affinity for nature's revolutionary essence was recognized and the power of words realized. Sharing in this truth is how we best appreciate our environment and relationships,  its creative potential has almost always been regarded as our leading resource. The goal is to cultivate and curate such spaces where we may consciously guide our communities through collective meditations and cooperative movements, to grow together in harmony towards the world we wish to create. The Onyx Art Workshop is a community space for honest expression, experimentation, reclamation, and restoration. 

THE SUN KING HIGH COUP is a [haiku] writing workshop series in which we invoke the spirit of change and honor the people's propensity to do so, culminating into local exhibitions and an intercommunal street art campaign. Open to those who wish to share the whole truth as they see it and/or as best as possible with a can of spraypaint, also offering the creative community a fun & flexible yoga flow and pop-up produce market. By involving the community, we hope to gain trust, support, and interest in leading a holistic revolution through responsible, creative living.

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